About the Artist

Hi! I’m Beth : )

I’m a natural-light, on-location photographic artist located in metro Phoenix, Arizona.  After capturing portraits of families, children, weddings, babies, and events for the past 7 years, I have narrowed my focus to the two passions that capture my heart:  high school seniors and the equine community.

If you are a high school senior, congratulations!! Please shoot me an email or text and I will forward my senior magazine to you.  You’ll have plenty of questions answered once you peek at it.  I promise that you will feel fantastic about your session with me!  I have makeup artists, clothing stylists, and hair stylists that I can refer you to. Let’s talk!

If you are a horse owner and you’ve been referred to me for images, I would love to talk with you!  (I do not work horse shows – my focus is on the bond you personally share with your horse).  I have extensive experience with horses, both as an owner and a photographer. I don’t use any extra equipment, and I can capture your images at your farm or on-location at several places within the valley.  I take my time with your horse, and “spooky” or “high strung” horses don’t scare me.  : )  I am happy to send you multiple referrals from recent clients in the equestrian community.

I am available for travel outside of the valley; additional fees will apply.  I am available in Flagstaff, AZ every July without any additional fees.

Want to know more about me?? : )

I spend the majority of my “free” time working with teens at my church.  Millennials have my heart!

I am generally not a fan of anything with more than 4 legs. I have horror stories about snakes, scorpions, sharks, and wolf spiders, and tarantulas! I wish I was kidding.

Sarcasm is my specialty.

My work has been published nationally in print (thanks, Scholastic & the Arizona Republic!) and internationally in print (Australia!), as well as digitally across the country.

I’m an introverted extrovert (I took that test on Facebook and that’s what it said, so….).  I LOVE being alone, but it rarely happens unless I hide in a movie theater (did I just give my secret away?).

My perfect day is in Florida at Disney. Or Hawaii (I’ve explored 3 of the islands!). Or in bed with a good book and rainy weather.  Or lounging by the fireplace at the Grand Californian. Or hanging at the barn with Xander the Super Pony and having great talks with him.

I own a hedgehog (yeah, for real!). She’s pokey and grumpy and hates when people bother her. Otherwise, she’s really cute!  She is also a model.

I own way too many pairs of converse and way too many Post-Its.

Before I followed my love for photography, I was a lifeguard.  I also taught 2nd grade. I still talk to several of my first students! : ) My degree is in elementary education and pastoral ministry.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until last year. I don’t think caffeine actually makes miracles happen in me, but I like to pretend it does! Want to go get some Starbucks?

I’ve spent so much time around fabulous make-up artists that I have learned a lot and love to practice on myself.  Sometimes the glitter gets a little out of control. Sorry:)