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As most photographers will tell you, the months from September – December are generally a giant blur.  Christmas picture season is its own brand of crazy…so, yeah, my blog didn’t get much love!  What better way to start the new year than by sharing one of my favorite family’s new additions? : )  I met the {R} family (and their extended family)  when big brother was only a bitty newborn over two years ago.  I can’t begin to express how special this family (and all of their extended family!) is to me.  Sometimes God-ordained appointments – just out of the blue – lead to the sweetest of relationships that go beyond a client-photographer interaction.  I am so blessed to be able to document the joy of life for this family, their siblings, and parents…I have joked with them before that I need to be invited to Christmas one year and that I’m definitely available to take pictures on any of their next trips to Europe or Hawaii ; ).

Ok! Back on track after my mushy rambling. : )  (Love all of you {R)’s!)  This little bit of sweetness is Miss {C} ~ isn’t she yummy?!  I got to meet her for the first time at her mommy and daddy’s house, and we played with her big brother on their bed.  Relaxed, happy family = no stress images! We just hung out for a while and watched big brother bang on some furniture with his construction set, and watch his baby sister nap in mommy’s arms.  It’s the beautifully simple  moments that help you to make it through the first few months of blurry sleepless nights ~ and honestly, when your sweet baby is heading off to junior high….you won’t remember the fact that you haven’t been able to shower in 3 days or that you actually went out in public with spit up all down the front of your wrinkled jammies because you needed diapers. ; ) You will remember the feeling of completeness, contentment, and insurmountable love that you feel while you held that gift of God close to your heart.  I hope that I was able to preserve some of those precious, fleeting minutes for this family.  Sometimes I joke that my super power is freezing time.  It’s actually a calling in my heart, and my joy to walk it out for families like this.  Love you all, Ginger : )

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