The {T} Family | White Tank Mountains | Phoenix, AZ Family Photographer

Would you believe that this family is one of the very first that I photographed way back when LBP started?? I’ve watched Little Miss {M} grow from just a toddler into this beautiful, silly, happy little girl (and I feel old!).  With the massive amounts of rain that the Phoenix area got during monsoons this year, our mountains look a little bit like they do for about 5 days during the spring (if you blink, you miss spring here!).  When we decided to head out to the White Tanks to do their annual pictures, I was hoping for a little less brown than normal. Instead we had lush green plants and trees and a billion weird caterpillars making a pilgrimage south. It looked like they were all heading to the top of the same foothill – I could envision a Disney movie where they all sang spiritual songs at the top in their little munchkin caterpillar voices. It was creepy. But anyways, their pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL and we didn’t even get attacked by the caterpillars.  Thank you for spending time with me, {T} Family!! I adore you:) xoxo

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