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A couple of weeks after Christmas, I received an email from someone who claimed to be an editor at Scholastic.  She said their team liked my work, my use of color and light, and asked if I would be interested in photographing the cover story (a Phoenix teen)  for their Action magazine. She named their budget, and told me to get back to her quickly if I was up for it.  Now, I don’t doubt my abilities – I love the images I give to my clients and I know that God has blessed me with the talent I have.  But come on….this is Scholastic.  Pretty much everyone in America knows the Scholastic name.  I was pretty sure I was being scammed or “punked”.  There are AMAZING photographers in the PHX area with a much wider fan base than I have – many whose work I admire and inspires me daily.  Why me?! So I did what you would probably do – I googled the editor’s name. : )  And then I did 100 other things until I convinced myself that she actually was emailing me from a email address…and I emailed her back and said YES! : )

After all, any credit for anything I manage to create goes straight to God.  I might take the picture, but it’s His creation that I’m viewing through a lens, and his colors I’m painting with.  If a mega-company like Scholastic wants to publish me nationally, I’m sure not going to argue!  : )  It wasn’t until I read the Buchanan’s story and met these beautiful boys – and their SUPER MOM – that my heart filled with love for them.  Jonathan is a hero in every sense.  But he’s also a silly, witty teenage boy with the best sense of humor.  While we were shooting, one of his twin brothers remarked about how good looking he was.  Jonathan fired back, “Yeah, well, that’s just my bone marrow in you.”  I had the BEST time with this family!  It was my pleasure – and honor – to be able to capture this family.  I can’t wait to see them again – we laughed until my sides hurt.  Jonathan, Joshua, Jordan, + Kristine, I adore you.  The most amazing part of being contacted by Scholastic was being able to meet you, hear your story, and walk away a better person having known you all.  Below is the cover, their story, and zoomed in bylines of my name because my mom couldn’t see them and you know how moms are. ; )  I will also post a few of the 100 images I gave to Jonathan’s mom that didn’t get published.

xoxoscholastic cover

scholastic inside spread 2

scholastic layout

scholastic zoomed in one

zoomed in byline 2




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