Happy Half-Birthday, {J}! | MacDonalds Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ | Event + Party Photographer

It was high noon when the round-up began…  little buckaroos from the wild west rode on in to a hoe-down like none the ranch had seen before!  What’s my idea of a dream-day?  Hilarious kids coupled with horses – sometimes I have to work really hard at convincing myself that I’m “working”!  {J}’s mama, Angela of Savvy Styled Sessions & Events , is the *master* when it comes to themed parties and decor and styling – I’ve used her personally and can’t say enough about how just plain AWESOME she is!  I have dozens of little details that I could blog with this party, but I want to save some of the fun for her! (Ya know all the cute stuff you pin on Pinterest and hope to do one day? It’s probably Angela’s stuff you’re pinning…seriously!)  So anyways, PHX is just plain hot during the summer.  If you’re smart, you get out of town as much as possible…which is why {J} has a hard time celebrating his birthday during the summer!  Parties aren’t much fun when all of your friends are anyplace *but* PHX. Genius Angela decided to host a half-birthday party for her little cowboy, and went all-out with pony rides and a hayride and all the cowboy boots she could find at MacDonald’s Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ.  The kids all got their own pony ride, cowboy hat, and chance to play at the popcorn bar…which obviously was SUPER amazing (see the first picture below!).  Happy 5.5, {J}! Thanks for letting me come play! xoxo


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