Cassidy | Can Someone Book Me a Trip to Hawaii Already? | Phoenix, AZ Senior Photographer

Seeeeeer. EEEE. Us. Leeeeeeee.  If I could look like Cassidy for just a day I could probably conquer the world!  But to top off all of that Polynesian beauty, her heart is as beautiful as those eyes are.  She is also a TON of fun. And no, she hasn’t modeled before.  And yes, I have her contact info : ).  She was SUCH a trooper in the desert heat.  Not only were we sweating to death because Phoenix feels like a crockpot on high in August, but these spawn-of-satan flies were biting us the entire time – HARD! If Cassidy wasn’t yelping in pain, I was, and then her mom was screaming in terror from lizards….we were, literally, a hot mess.  But TOTALLY worth it, right?! These images are probably some of my favorite ever, and simply because I adore this young lady and her sweet family.  Thanks for laughing with me through this adventure, Cassidy ~ love you, girl! : ) xoxo

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